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Lingering fear and depression

I have been in a state of blah. That's all I can call it really because I'm not able to cry anymore.. I'm just here.. blah. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I see Mahogany do cute things and get excited... then I see him being cautious or silently wincing. I know what it's like because of my body's issues. It's like I have his problem with my entire body.. so I know what harm the healing process can cause. He honestly may be better off without surgery and just keeping a good diet, staying hydrated, get him doing some light pt and rest like he usually does.. I will make sure he has a better bed for his issue. We may need to give the old mattress upstairs to him. He may need a bed he can just walk right onto and also not hurt himself trying to get up .. so maybe on part of it put some thing sturdier for him? Idk.. I'll have to make him a step for the truck and a platform for in the truck so he doesn't fall or shift.. unless I can get him a seatbelt set up lol.

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