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  • Did it hurt to split your tongue?
    Yes, I do not recommend what I did - go to a professional! I used the "binding method" for about a week and then I decided to cut it myself when that didn't go as planned! Do not cut your own tongue in half. I had piercing experience and have helped with some mishaps in the past... but nothing prepares you to look yourself in the eyes and slice your own tongue in half. It's.. enlightening lol - again with that word..
  • How far up your shorts does the blackwork go?
    LOL. Into places you and no one will see😉 I have a giant filled in, black stripe up my butt-crack at the moment.. I did it myself.. . it was enlightening. 🖤
  • Why did you tattoo your face, what does it all mean?
    I suffer from CPTSD, there are a lot of things that come with that diagnosis. Depression and shame spirals used to come so often! During these I would look at myself in the mirror and tear myself apart mentally. I would see my face and belittle myself worse than the people around me - which was nearly impossible, because they were brutal. Now when I look at my face I see positive reminders everywhere! Every tattoo on my face reminds me of something that will make me feel "not so shitty"! So - It all means I had a shit life and I use them to help with positive coping.. plus they are my thing! I have loved tattoos and modified people as long as I can remember!!
  • How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
    I do not know, I have layers under some of the ones that I have. I have never liked to count them. It always seemed like it was to compare or something and I don't do that. Countless hours of work goes into the amount of tattoos I have.. and I don't have that many compared to some of the beautiful people I visually admire! Piercings come and go… I have no clue- but I’m sure I can be persuaded to count if it’s worth my time 😏
  • Do you find it annoying when people talk to you or email you? I am nervous and I have questions.
    As long as the message is polite, sincere, and appropriate I don't mind at all. I may not be able to respond directly - I cannot always get to my messages right away.🐝 You never know if you don't try!
  • Do you or will you still make and sell knives?
    I had to stop making after my illness became so bad I was hurting myself too much. I need a set up that is built to assist me with the parts I couldn’t do on my own. I hope to eventually start making again with my kids and friends! I would love to collab ❤️
  • Do you take special requests for photos or private videos?
    I have and still do. Please understand that this is my body, my time and my emotional state... If it is not worth it, I will not do it. Before you write me, ask yourself what you would charge someone to do what you want me to do for you! Due to past experiences with people notoriously not following through, I always take payment upfront! I have heard the argument that "they don't want to be ripped off".. I have a professional reputation to uphold and I have made a setting where if I rip anyone off, EVERYONE would know and I would lose business... plus, I don't do that shit! BE AWARE - I have mentioned before that I do have personal boundaries and I will not show genitalia or perform mature content for anyone.
  • What all sites do you use right now besides your blog?
    At the moment I do NOT actively check on my Facebook, H Clark and Instagram, @h_bomb_kitten, @thisishbomb. I used to frequent these sites to keep up with long time friends/fans/contacts and for networking/advertising. Unfortunately, the stress from these two particular social media outlets outweighed the benefits. I took a break one day, and never went back on. I have no idea if I will ever open those pages again. My blog is serious, its not sexy or flirtatious... there is a lot of very real situations and hard emotions I deal with in it. My photo gallery on the blog is going to change soon. The erotic art will be on my gallery pages. The best way to find my galleries or other pages is to use my linktree. I am looking at other sites to boost my income but not breach my boundaries. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to email me!
  • Do you have gift wish lists? Will you wear the items in photos?
    I do have a few gift wish lists, they need updating as they have not been used in so long! I will list them here when I update them.. or if you wish to see what is in them now, please email me! I will wear items you send in photos.. respectfully, with my discretion of course! If you send a gift and wish for me to tag you or publicly thank you I am more than happy to do so!!! I love to give shout outs and love to people who are kind and not demanding! 😍
  • Do you sell your photos or have merch? Will you move the watermark?
    I do sell my photos and, YES, I will move the watermark! I have been asked to make merch many times and I know there are outlets to do so.. I just need to know what you are wanting and a few more details, we can look it up and talk pricing! I would be happy to make some dreams come true for anyone wanting to represent what I am about!!
  • Do you have unpublished or unseen photos?
    Yes, a ridiculous amount of them to be quite honest. I have no idea what to do with some of them. I am on the never ending task of sorting data and photos!
  • Do you take photos of other people or just yourself and your family?
    I have not had the chance to do a photo shoot for someone else yet! I have a few people inquiring, they apparently like my style (thank you), so this may be a thing soon! Once I have done a few successful shoots with other people, I may start taking appointments. Ahhhh.. dreams 😍
  • Do you sell art, clothes or other personal items?
    I have and I will continue to do so. Shoot me an email if you have any serious ideas!
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