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Fml! I am not a morning person

Updated: Jun 20

This schedule I made is good for Daisy but pure hell on me. I know loads of people are great with acclimating to early morning or whatever change they make.. hell, other people can nap. We'll I am not. I have always had trouble sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. Once the sun goes down I am having a hard time sleeping.. once the sun comes up I am fighting sleep. My eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun. I am pale af and shouldn't be in the sun.. I am seriously wondering if epigenetics play a part in this. All the women in my family have sleep issues. I have never been able to nap like most people. And it's not from a lack of being stubborn and trying. Im over 40, I have had plenty of time to try new things with sleep. I have been to sleep clinics multiple times. This 5am shit is kicking my ASS! Dai is doing great with it. I literally force myself to suffer through it and this week I am weak as fuck.

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