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Ouchie day

Updated: Jun 23

I'm cruel to myself. I try to be a person who can do tasks but I am always thwarted the following days. I am hurting so damn bad

I'm in so much pain I will probably make it back to the shower for heat therapy. I am going to need a hottub or the heated pool for physical therapy when I am on my property. If I had one I would have slept in a bikini and robe.. I would have gone to sleep after and woken up to go back in!

I'd be in there doing my blog right now

I have been trying to distract myself. I have wishlists I'm updating. I sold stuff on poshmark. I am hoping I can get some decent stuff on there. I saw some good shorts and tops. I also went on another site and picked some cozy stuff. Idk, it's helping to not think about the pain or stress of life

I smell like fresh wintergreen certs.

This deep blue has been put on my neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet.

It's not as helpful as I need.

The pain is too much

Dai and I are in my room watching TV. It's what needs to happen today.

then a hot shower or two

ugh why do I do this to myself. I'm such a stubborn creature


It's been about 7 hours of rest and sporadic light stretching so far. I am still in a massive amount of pain.

A few moments of peace

I remember when I used to take loads of selfies! Now it's much less common

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Damn,, those lips look so soft,,, I wanna kiss em 😊.

Replying to

😁. 😘


You look BEAUTIFUL,,, Sexy legs 😁😉💓💓💓


Tell her to talk to you whenever she gets any urges, before, she actually acts on them,,idk, it might help.


Daisy has such a sweet little voice ☺️


I like hard boiled eggs with salt, scrambled eggs with cheese, egg and cheese omelettes. Oooh bacon and eggs 😁 on a roll, everything on a roll😁

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