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Not a spy this time! Thank goodness!! EMAIL ANSWERED 💣💥 Cowards spying on me again - you know who you are and so do I - IF YOURE NOT, ANSWER MY EMAILS PLEASE

Updated: 3 days ago

This is obviously meant for a specific person whom was legally tied to me for far to long. You ruined your children's lives and mine. I have zero respect or concern for you or your family!

I will just say again.. I DO see the login location and time.. as well as other information when people get on this page.

Specific people aren't welcome here. I will block their membership and subscription in a fucking heartbeat.

There is only 1 family I am friends with in WV and they do not live in Huntington! I have been seeing the logins from the specific areas.. where you still have people you manipulate into thinking they are "friends"!


I have a long distance friend I met online years ago. He created some beautiful jewelry for me. This is my mistake. Paranoia from PTSD is a bitch - long term abuse and harassment can ruin a person.


For real- FUCK OFF INTO A BUSY STREET or something worthy of everyone's time.

If you're curious, grow a sac and do what the court instructed you to do. The app "talking parents" is the only way you can speak to me. Use the newly grown sac to muster up some courage in that enormous body of yours- I know it's hard to make room for doing the right thing. But if you want real information you have to play by the rules asshole. I am done being your victim. Play by the rules or go find a big fallace to cork your cock sucker!

Mind your fucking business. None of us give a shit about you and wish you would disappear. And we don't care how it happens!

Leave us alone. Get your own life.. fuck off.

Get yourself some mental health help or take a dirt nap... I don't care, just leave us alone.

🖕🏻 fuck you to infinity and beyond

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Unlike NoOther
Unlike NoOther
3 days ago



Mr blue
Mr blue
4 days ago

fuckers everywhere

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